Heat Pipe Power Semiconductors

Dau heatpipe assemblies offer one of the most efficient enhancements to air cooling technology. The high heat flux densities generated by power semiconductors are absorbed by the heat spreader/collector block, and then transmitted isothermally by the heat pipes to the fin stack. Due to the isothermal nature of a heatpipe, the fin efficiency of the fin stack is much higher than on standard heat sinks. In addition, heatpipes cause the heat to be collected and then dissipated in separate, possibly remote locations, such as in the case where the electronics require protection from dust and humidity.

Dau customized heat pipe solutions for power semiconductors are extremely flexible, offering designers a vast array of cooling solutions for their particular electronic application. The heatpipe spreader block can be designed specifically to the unique footprint of the semiconductors. The heat pipes themselves are available in a variety of diameters in order to best suit the application and power dissipation requirement. The size and fin count of the fin structure on the heatpipes are also designed to meet the specific cooling requirement and air flow condition (forced or natural convection).

Exceptional performance of Dau heat pipes is achieved by internal control and fabrication technologies of both the heat pipe itself and the mechanical/thermal joint between the heatpipe and fin structure. This joint is produced by hydraulic expansion of the open pipes after the fin stack and spreader plate have been assembled to the pipes. This method causes an optimal contact between the pipes and mating components, which minimizes the thermal resistance at these interfaces. Once these joints have been achieved, the open pipes are transformed into closed high performance heatpipes, creating the ultimate high power semiconductor heat pipe assembly.

Heat Pipe Semiconductor

Heat Pipe Semiconductor Heat Pipe Semiconductor